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Health Care is for the Rich, Dummy; Nancy Sarowski’s Lessons about the ACA

Nancy Sarowski is at it again.  How is it that one person can be so insulated from the real world that she can, on a weekly basis, display her insensitivity, lack of knowledge, and appalling arrogance?  Today’s debacle has something to do with “entitlement” and the Affordable Care Act and emergency room abuse.  Each week, […]

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Answering a “Conservative” Rant; My new weekly duty

Some time ago my local newspaper, The Petoskey News-Review, gave op-ed space to Nancy Sarowski to write a “conservative” opinion piece each week.   When questioned about Ms. Sarowski’s credentials to write such a piece, and about whether the News-Review would allow a “liberal” opinion piece each week to “balance” these views, the News-Review said that […]

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