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This column appeared in the Northern Express on 12/29/18 GUEST COLUMN BY MARK PONTONI | DEC. 29, 2018 Back in February 2015, I wrote a blog post entitled, “Divorcing Friends: It’s not you … it’s me.” In that post, I explained why I had to unfriend some folks on Facebook: It had become unbearable to attempt discussions […]

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Republicans Can’t Help Themselves; The lies roll on

This is from the Northern Express (Nov 3, 2018) REPUBLICANS DECEIVING US (AND OTHER HO-HUM DEVELOPMENTS) GUEST COLUMN BY MARK PONTONI | NOV. 3, 2018 Keeping track of issues in a complex society can be an exhausting task.  With over 300 million Americans living under the authority of nearly countless levels of government, it is not hard […]

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